Aloha ~ Greetings from Hawaii!

Have you ever had the priveledge to sit and listen to the waves crashing against the shore? or The birds chirping in the wind? Maybe you enjoy listening to the leaves blow as the wind whips around you. Are you someone who would rather be camping and listening to the crisp timbers crackling in campfire.

What I’m getting at here is… what makes your heart sing happy songs?

It’s definitely the beach for me! The grace and power in the water is something that gets me every time I see it. Have you watched Moana? I can totally relate. The edge of the water calls my name! It really does… makes my heart and soul content like no other time!

I know I am lucky and blessed to be able to say I have been on vacation to Hawaii twice in the past eight years. I don’t take that lightly , I get it… but oh how it sings to my soul. (have I said that already?)… There’s really no other way to explain it, I am peaceful when I’m here.

This last time, we were able to take the girls with us. Spoiled much… I know… they ate it up. We were all three trying our hardest to convince my husband that we needed to sell everything and move to a hut on the beach! It really became hard, when numerous people we talked to had either just moved there and were encouraging us to do this or the zip-lining tour that was encouraging me to apply to work there (and use my lovely Recreation Degree!) and work for more than what I make here… floating through the tops of the rain forest with tours everyday, making peoples vacations the best they could be? With breath taking views…. I might add 🙂 Or there was Turtle Beach… Where the turtles were laying all around you and swimming right up to you?

I know – it was Kailua Beach where the sand is white as it could be and the waves are perfectly whisked up to shore? How about the freshest fruit you’ve ever tasted? The fish straight out of the ocean? … I could go on…

I don’t know… but I know one thing… YOU MUST GO… and I must go back!!!

Have you been? What’s your favorite vacation to date or one you can’t wait to go on?

When life throws you curve balls….

You hit it out of the park and claim that home run!

Today’s adventures started last night about 10:30. We gathered with a group of top notch students and boarded a nice comfy chartered bus & set out in an adventure to bring home some National JROTC trophies!

We said our goodbyes and made sure we all had our students accounted for and off we went for a nice comfy night on the ole bus…

Or so we thought…

Then life threw us a curve ball and caught us totally off guard. 30 miles outside of town our charter bus decided to die & shut itself off as we traveled down one of the busiest interstates in the country. We safely pulled off the road & onto the shoulder.

My “bus” hat immediately went on and I couldn’t help but add stuff our “green” driver forgot. Little things like flashers on when he got off on the shoulder and departed to the outside back of the bus to see what happened (engines are in the rear of the bus on these beasts). Then after a bit returned to say we were going to pray it started again and got it up the next exit where there was a big truck stop and hopefully a mechanic on duty. He had just added about 2 gallons of antifreeze to the bus and we were hoping that’s all this was. Prayers worked and we made it fine to the truck stop.

The other teacher and I got off to see what the issues were with the driver and see if we could help him do anything. He said he was going to try to go purchase another two gallons of antifreeze as it lost the two gallons he’d just put in less than a mile back… again my bus driver/supervisor head jumps into high gear. I could tell this “kid driver” was trying hard but wasn’t sure what he was doing. So, teacher and I decided to dig in with our flashlight and look for any and all the leaks &/or wet spots we could find on the engine or around the antifreeze/radiator reservoir. We helped him add his water now to the reservoir and stayed back by the engine as he restarted the bus.

Almost immediately we spotted a leak on one if they seals right under the reservoir… then we looked under the bus… can you guess what was going on here?

Yeah… we found the leak, or rather open drain! So kid driver calls the mechanic and his boss back and explains what we found (mind you it’s now 12:15-12:30 at least).

Boss man and mechanic agree they need to find a local mechanic to run up from Spfld and check it out. Teacher and I both say, New bus please. Kid driver sends our request to the Boss man. But he insists a mechanic needs to fix it first?

So… here we sit while an hour later a mechanic shows up. Fixes the clamp. But not the dumping issue. He states it needs towed for that and off he goes. 🤔😳 So here we sit again. Now 1:30am. We set into logistic mode and decide how this is going to work so we don’t loose anymore time here.

Finally about 2:30 Boss man locates a friend company out of Branson who can gave us a sub bus and driver to get us to St. Louis where his company’s bus and driver can grab us and we can continue on to our next driver switch in Kentucky. (P.S. this was our idea… boss man wanted us to wait another 4 hours for his bus to come get us…um NO – we have timelines here we HAVE to meet!). Well about 3:40 we start wondering where our “Branson” bus is. It shouldn’t take him that long to get here! So kid driver calls the Branson driver to find out an updated ETA. Oh he’s from Joplin and is still over an hour away. 😳. (Have you ever seen a tired momma/driver & a tired Master Sergeant that’s been up for over 24 hours be told that they are now 6 hours behind schedule?! – it’s not pretty!!!)

5 am comes and we are whisked away on sub bus. Driver is Awesome and has driven for music star after music star. He’s a hoot and does all he can to turn our mess into a masterpiece. 👏.

We make it to St Louis in record time and all enjoy our 2.5 hour nap!

Now we have safely made it to our third bus and driver. We are about to meet our fourth and final driver for this leg of our travels.


Ozark Tiger Battalion Teachers & Parents, you have raised and taught an amazing group of kiddos! They are troopers like I have never seen or met before. Not a one of them has complained or grumbled. They have rolled with the punches of switching luggage to three different buses and eating meals and snacks at all the wrong places and times. Ozark you ROCK!

Now let’s go get those medals you deserve!!!!!

Journals – Do you have one? ~ Do you use it?

Everywhere you look, there are paper journals and now digital journals… but do people use them to actually journal in? Some might argue they are used more for notes & lists these days than actual journals. Others, would argue that it is easier to have it digitally on your tablet or phone than in written form. I want to know from you!

Do you journal affirmations, dream board items, prayers, to-do lists?

Or do you bullet journal – more of a calendar and mental & physical “Planner” as it was once called.

I love journals. All of them. I love to have one for my lists. One is of course for my affirmations & dream board motivations. I have another for my “planner”… however, recently I started the digital planner! I love this thing… I just wish I made more time for it! Like my real paper version of my previous planner, it gets put on the to – do list and never gets done. I end up catching it up on life more than actually planning.

Another question for you, do you have a set time you write in your journal?

Do you write in it the same time everyday or as you can throughout the day? Do you start your day or end your day with it perhaps?

What are your favorite types of journals? So many questions… Share with us!! What do you enjoy most about your journal? Leather bound, lines or graph paper or plain paper?

Complete This Form. Tell us what you think! We want to know!

Journals/Planners ~ BuJo, Paper, Digital…

The world of journals & planners has exploded. From what used to be a dot journal or planner (Bullet Journal or BuJo) to back when you bought an actual calendar and decorated or kept up with all your contacts, lists and dates in one LARGE planner. The expanse is huge for your options and it’s recently gotten larger with the world of digitals.

Last fall I started thinking about my digital google calendar and really wished there was a place I could keep all my dates – lists – to do’s – creative ideas, all these in one place again. I tried the BuJo paper style last spring and summer and really enjoyed decorating and making my own pages but the time it took and then remembering to haul it around and keep up with what the family added to the google calendar…well, it didn’t last long.

So when I started thinking about the digital world. I thought there has to be a digital version of this out there somewhere. Boy was I surprised when I discovered the HUGE world of Digital Planning and Journaling.

I was lucky to stumble upon the best in the market early on in my research. And boy am I glad I did. Jennifer with (also on Etsy) has thought of it all. Her Facebook groups are amazing with ideas and tutorials on how to use different apps.

So. My creative vibes are flowing like crazy again and I’m loving this world. I have a few ideas up my sleeve to try and make this world even more cohesive but we’ll save that for a future post! In the meantime. I’ll enjoy my happy planning!!

Visit Jennifer’s store here:

Her Etsy Store is Here:

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

Where do you want to eat tonight?

I don’t know – Where do you want to eat tonight?

No, really – you choose, anywhere you want – I’m not picky…

… Who else has these conversations? No, yeah, I didn’t think so, it’s only in my house that this goes on… and on… and on… or something like this… I want pizza!, EWE… we just had pizza, I want spaghetti…YUCK, I hate pizza…

One or the other is a conversation that is everyday at our house.

So… how do we decide what to do on these confusing days?

We schedule, we make menu’s for the week, we grocery shop for the stuff we need. And that’s that… until the night when we are all exhausted or all goin four different directions… yep…. that’s when a YO-YO night happens!!

Am I the ONLY one who just figured out what this ingenious thing is? Our friends just taught us this amazing term! Who else says, nah no plans – everyone pick their own thing… well let’s step that up a notch to a YO-YO night!!

Yo On Yo Own

Okay… moving on… this isn’t about Yo On Yo Own nights!!

It’s about life and decisions…

How often are we wish washy about decisions and standing up for what we really want!?! We all do it way too often! We must STOP this! I’m not saying go like a “bull” in a china shop and rudely claim what you want. What I am saying, is state sincerely what you want, what you dream of, what you would like to eat.

Take this to your job for instance. Do you state your opinions? I often state them too much now… but I’m learning!! There’s an in between, a place to land, a happy place for all of these places.

So… Dream on – Don’t let a decision stop you from chasing your dreams! Go get them!!!

JOY ~ What is it? How do you find it?

I’ve got the Joy Joy Joy Joy down in my heart.


Down in my heart…. (you’re welcome!)

Seriously… do you have JOY? Do you have that one thing that makes you smile and want to rejoice no matter what?

When you talk to people on the phone do you smile? Try it… it works!!

When you are listening to someone are you listening to listen or to answer? Because, I kinda believe most of us listen to answer and miss the JOY in the story or person that is speaking.

Do you feel Joy in your Heart, in your Soul, in your Whole Body?

If you don’t, find YOUR joy… not my Joy, not your spouses Joy, not your kids Joy… Find YOUR JOY!

Is it peacefully walking in your neighborhood… is it swimming in a pool or lake or ocean… is it sitting in a quiet room and remembering all the exciting and fun things that happened to you (this one is the one you need to make sure you re-read!). Did you hear me (I mean read this!!)… go to a quiet room and just sit and remember what made you smile today. I guarantee you have something! 🙂

That’s the start of finding your JOY – what makes you smile… what makes you happy… what makes life worth really living?

I find Joy in my workouts, I find Joy in my quiet, me time…. I find Joy in my kids and watching them grow up (yes they also cause me to lose Joy… but those times are much fewer than the times that they make me love them even more!)

Share with me where’s your joy today?

I want to know!

Morning Routines…

Do you have them?

Do you listen to a certain podcast or read a certain devotional or motivational book as soon as you wake up or on your way to work?

Do you start your day off with quiet mediation or yoga? Maybe it’s a certain youtuber that you tend to search for uplifting messages from. Maybe you turn on the news and find out what’s going on in the world or what the stock market might be doing today.

I have a few that I go to first and foremost. Normally as soon as my eyes wake up, I say 3 things at least that I’m thankful for in the upcoming day. Next, I normally grab my phone and read my daily devotional from my Bible App… I prefer YouVersion.

If I have time, I will post three or four motivational quotes for my Facebook and IG friends to think about for the week.

Then it’s normally off to the shower or to workout (depending on the day). Normally while I’m working out I will either talk to my friend there or listen to a motivational speaker on YouTube. I like to set my mind straight for the day ahead as soon as I can.

From here it’s normally getting ready for the day and making lunches, etc… ya know the normal mom routines… Next, as we are on our way to school, Lilly and I love listening to our BIG LIFE DEVOTIONAL PODCAST devotional from the day before. She has a way of speaking to us both and it’s normally just the right amount of drive time to devo time for our car ride!! If you haven’t heard of her, you should really check her out… she’s a hoot!!

So… what are your daily morning routines?

Share with us! I’m curious what yours are!

have you ever thought this way? Either of these ways really?! It’s time to change your mind (literally!)

The Best Positive Self Affirmations

According to

1. “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” ―Ralph Waldo Emerson

2. “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” ―Roald Dahl

3. “Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be.” ―Groucho Marx

4. “Being miserable is a habit; being happy is a habit; and the choice is yours.” ―Tom Hopkins

5. “I wake up every day and I think, ‘I’m breathing! It’s a good day.’ ” ―Eve Ensler

6. “Waking up this morning, I smile. Twenty-four brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment.” ―Thich Nhat Hanh

7. “When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive―to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” ―Marcus Aurelius

8. “Today is a new day. You will get out of it just what you put into it.” ―Mary Pickford

9. “Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.” ―Will Rogers

10. “Today will never happen again. Don’t waste it with a false start or no start at all.” ―Og Mandino

11. “This is a wonderful day, I have never seen this one before.” ―Maya Angelou

12. “Every day above earth is a good day.” ―Ernest Hemingway

13. “We know nothing of tomorrow; our business is to be good and happy today.” ―Sydney Smith

14. “If you get up in the morning and think the future is going to be better, it is a bright day. Otherwise, it’s not.” ―Elon Musk

15. “Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.” ―William James

The site actually has a graphic with each of these awesome reminders.

If you’d like to visit it you can see each of them! (Link under Title Above)

If you haven’t used a gratitude journal or just a journal and made a habit of writing down 3-10 things you’re truly Grateful for every single day… I encourage you to try it!! You’ll be amazed at how your mind can change your thinking in every thing you say and do!